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SoftFuse Password Generator Pro 2.7

SoftFuse Password Generator Pro 2.7: Create thousands of unique, virtually impossible-to-crack passwords in seconds! SoftFuse Password Generator Pro is an ideal software to generate strong and unique passwords. Using this extremely powerful password generating and user management software you can create up to billion strong passwords, PIN-codes, hashes and export them to a file (csv, pdf, xls, xml...) in seconds! This advanced password generator produces extremely strong passwords up to 255-character length and passwords` lists including thousands of entries.

Kaspersky Password Manager FREE, powerful identity protection - for your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone & iPad
Kaspersky Password Manager

Password Manager stores and manages all your usernames and passwords, you don`t need to remember the sign-in details for every website and app - and you won`t have to keep sending `I forgot my password` messages. Generates strong passwords Kaspersky Password Manager automatically creates strong, individual passwords on your PC... for each web and app account. You can then use these strong passwords on any of your supported devices. Helps fill in

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Sticky Password FREE 5.0.5: Easy to use, free password manager and form filler remembers your passwords.
Sticky Password FREE 5.0.5

Password FREE, the best password manager and online form filler that gives you automated login and one click form filling - and it`s free. All you need to remember is your Master Password and Sticky Password FREE remembers your passwords and logins for your websites. The password generator creates strong, secure passwords and stores them for you. You don`t have to worry about forgetting your passwords anymore. Each license includes the portable version

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Arusoft Password Generator 2.1

Password Generator is a program designed for generating strong passwords easily and quickly. Using Arusoft Password Generator, you can easily create extremely strong passwords any length. It is powerful, but very fast, small and easy to use. Arusoft Password Generator is a program that can be used by regular users who care about their informational security both on the Internet and at work and by those who often create and use passwords. Arusoft

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Xilisoft Password Manager Password manager to store personal information and auto-fill in web form.
Xilisoft Password Manager

password generator to generate strong password. Features: 1. Fill in the web form with your account and password automatically. 2. Upload your local data to Gmail server data and read Gmail server data to create local database. 3. Allow you to log in your database with password, USB flash disk, or both. 4. Set extra strong password for record to guarantee the security of your record. 5. Offer a password generator to generate robust and strong password

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StickyPassword 5.02: password manager, password security, free trial, online form filler
StickyPassword 5.02

Sticky Password creates the strongest passwords possible and manages them for you. With Sticky Password`s password generator, you`re just a click away from another strong password. The database is encrypted with the strongest encryption algorithms available in the industry, including the military-grade AES algorithm. You`ll be protected from phishing scams, because Sticky Password won`t send your login and password to fake websites.

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SF Password Generator Personal 1.0: Program for generating strong passwords easily! Protect your emails, logins, etc
SF Password Generator Personal 1.0

Password Generator Personal is a simple-to-use program designed for generating strong and difficult-to-crack passwords easily and quickly. Using SF Password Generator, you can easily create complex and strong passwords up to 128-character length. While generating a password, you can use letters, digits, symbols, as well as their combinations. You need SF Password Generator Personal to generate a secure, strong password for your e-mail, web and instant

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